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The five-year vision for Greater Manchester

In February 2015, all the NHS organisations and local authorities in Greater Manchester signed a landmark agreement with the Government to take charge of health and social care spending and decisions in our city region.

Greater Manchester’s five year plan, Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care, was published in December 2015 after being endorsed by the Health and Social Care Strategic Partnership Board on Friday 18 Dec 2015.

January 2017 update: Greater Manchester Information Management and Technology Strategy

We are now moving into the delivery phase of of our Information Management and Technology strategy, endorsed by the Health and Social Care Strategic Partnership Board on Friday 30 June 2016. We have established a Greater Manchester Digital Collaborative who are responsible for delivering the commitments in the strategy. A further paper went to our board on Friday 22 November 2016, which set out our progress and plans to date. This strategy also aligns to national priorities, such as the development of a Local Digital Roadmap. Further updates will be published online.

November 2016 update: Greater Manchester and the national STP process

Greater Manchester’s five year plan, Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care, pre-dates the national request from NHS England for Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). NHS England agreed that our Greater Manchester plan process met their STP requirement. We agreed to participate in the milestones in the process to showcase what had taken place here so others could learn from our experiences – and so we could learn from theirs where appropriate.

In the interests of being open we have published the documents we sent in below, or set out why we have not published them. A six month review since we took charge in April 2016 will also be published in November 2016. A draft was sent to NHS England.

Five Year Plan

Taking Charge public facing document – already published on this site March 2015, click above

Taking Charge Implementation and Delivery Plan

Taking Charge implementation and delivery plans: Greater Manchester and localities

Finance and Activity Plan – overview included within Implementation and Delivery narrative above

Estates submission to the planning process – not published due to commercial confidentiality

GMHSC Partnership statement of commitment – published on social and mainstream media April 2016


Manchester Town Hall

A new approach to commissioning services

To help us deliver the five-year plan, we need to change the way we commission services.

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Children Learning

Giving children a head start: Early years strategy

We want every child in Greater Manchester to have the best start in life.

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Taking Charge Together Results

As Greater Manchester continues to look for new ways to improve the health and wellbeing of its 2.8 million people, a recent health survey asked residents some key questions: why aren’t we, as a region, living the healthier lifestyles we know we should? What’s stopping us – and what can be done about it?

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Commitment made to transform mental health

A ‘transformational commitment’ is being made to improving mental health services in Greater Manchester, with a new approach to prevention expected to tackle the root causes of mental illness at an earlier stage.

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