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Our community and our health and social care teams are taking charge together.

For Greater Manchester’s Health and Social Care vision to be realised, the 37 organisations involved in providing our services and 2.8 million people who live here all have a part to play.

Here’s how you can:

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If you live in Greater Manchester, work in health and social care here or are a representative of a local organisation, we would like to hear what you think. Click here to leave your comments.

Find out about upcoming meetings and read past papers

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is governed by the Health and Social Care Partnership Board, which meets in public each month. The Partnership comprises the 37 local authorities and NHS organisations in Greater Manchester, plus representatives from primary care, NHS England, the community and voluntary sectors, Healthwatch, Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.  Click here for dates of upcoming meetings and past papers


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