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Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Downloads

Strategic Plan

In February 2015, the 37 NHS organisations and local authorities in Greater Manchester signed a landmark agreement with the Government to take charge of health and social care spending and decisions in our city region. This included a commitment from us to produce a comprehensive plan for health and social care.

The final draft of this plan ‘Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester‘; was endorsed by the Health and Social Care Strategic Partnership Board on Friday 18 December 2015. It details our collective ambition for the region over the next five years, setting out our direction of travel.

There is also a summary document.

Since New Year, up until the publication of the final document this summer, people across Greater Manchester will be able to give their views on the Plan – and those plans from their own local areas – as well as talking to us about how they might play a part in delivering the ambitions. If you would like to comment in the meantime, or have questions, please contact us via the ‘Tell us what you think‘ page.

Leaflets & Information

FAQs (September 2015)

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution Guide (September 2015)

What you need to know about Devolution Leaflet (September 2015)


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