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It is two years since Greater Manchester took control of its £6bn health and social care budget, and a further £450m to help us transform services. We take a look at some of the improvements to date, and how they're already making a difference to people's lives.

This ground-breaking ‘devolution deal’ gave us the freedom and flexibility to improve the city region’s health and wellbeing as quickly as possible, focusing on areas that are most important to our population and where impact will be felt most keenly.

Over the past two years we have made rapid progress. Work that was already underway pre-devolution has been accelerated, and brand new initiatives are already making a difference to everyday lives across Greater Manchester.

The scale of transformation is wide-ranging and touches every part of health and social care. And many of the great ideas and solid strategy from the early days of Devo have now become reality.

Achievements include:

• We’re giving children a better start in life. For example, every ten minutes in Greater Manchester a child has teeth taken out. We’re spending an extra £1.5m on oral health, including a scheme to teach children to brush their teeth correctly, and getting more children ‘school ready’.

• We’re spotting and treating dementia quicker – seven more people a day are diagnosed with dementia, and getting the help they and their families need.

• Lifestyles are being improved– for example we’re helping 115,000 smokers quit over the next three years – one in two of them would have died younger from a smoking-related condition.

• We’re fighting cancer with a mobile screening programme and ‘cancer champions’ are out and about in communities.

• Mental health is being put on an equal footing with physical health:

o We’re spending £74m on child and adolescent mental health and bringing more mentors into schools and training teachers on mental health.

o We’re spending a further £50m on adult mental health services.

• Our services are rapidly improving, for example our stroke centres are top rated and we estimate that 200 lives have been saved because of the specialist care people have received in them.

• We’re creating more services closer to people’s homes, and making it easier to see medical professionals at convenient times – more people are satisfied with their GP practices and extended opening times.

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