Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Health and social care bosses are getting behind a new campaign to encourage staff to get their flu vaccination - and protect themselves, patients and colleagues with one quick jab.

#JabDone, designed to grab the attention of a busy workforce, features lines like ‘’Yes, it’s that time of year (again)’ ‘I’ve had my #JabDone and I was very brave’ and ‘That year just flu by didn’t it’.

And while the tone of the campaign is light-hearted, it delivers a serious message – that the flu vaccination is the very best way to fight against a virus that in some cases kills.

While Greater Manchester’s healthcare staff are offered the flu vaccination free of charge not all of them take it up.

Last year, just under 70 per cent of Greater Manchester’s NHS Trust staff received the vaccination, an improvement of around seven per cent on the previous year and slightly above the average for England.

Siobhan Farmer, Public Health Consultant at Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “This year we are aiming to improve the vaccination rates further to help build ‘herd immunity’, effectively slowing the spread of a virus because enough people are immune to its effects.

“This clearly has benefits for our own workforce but more importantly it protects the people we care for, especially those most vulnerable if they do get the flu. Flu spreads fast and the more people we can encourage to get their vaccination, the better the chance we have of stopping it in its tracks.”

Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “Any of us working in the NHS know that around this time of year we’ll get the shout that the immunisations team is coming around to give the jabs. It can be hard to make time, but many do.

“However there are certainly some who’ll tell their patients that having a flu vaccination is a great idea, but for whatever reason won’t get their own jab sorted.

“#JabDone challenges some of the common myths around the flu vaccination, like it actually gives you flu (it doesn’t) and if you haven’t had flu before you’re immune (you’re probably not).

“We really hope that this campaign tips the balance for anyone who’s wavering about having their vaccination, and we see an upturn in staff vaccination rates.”

Roger Spencer, Chief Executive at The Christie, which has adopted the #JabDone campaign. said: “The flu vaccination is a vital part of protecting patients and that is why we are using and supporting the #JabDone campaign this winter.

“With so many immunocompromised patients at The Christie, the importance of protecting against the flu virus cannot be stressed highly enough and we are aiming for 100% of our frontline staff to be vaccinated this year.”

Featuring bright acid colours and bold messaging to make it stand out in busy working environments, #JabDone was credited with increasing the staff vaccination rate when it ran in Merseyside.

Jon Rouse added: “While on the face of it the #JabDone campaign is fun and quite direct, it does deliver a serious message – that having your flu vaccination is absolutely the best way of protecting us all against the potentially terrible effects of the virus.”



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