We’ve been listening to what’s important to people living with a learning disability and their families, to ensure they can live “Gloriously Ordinary Lives”.

Between May 2018 and May 2019 four Greater Manchester areas worked together to find out and test better ways of doing things together.

  • Wigan focused on preparing young people with a learning disability for adulthood – working with young people to test life coaching, use of technology, and getting people supported employment and housing.
  • Rochdale worked with people with a learning disability and autism who are moving back into the area. They know what a stressful time moving home can be, so they have worked really closely with families so the support people get is developed together.
  • Bolton wanted to shift how their teams worked with young people who were growing up, so people get more local, community-based support. They are building a new relationship with people who will become more than just their care needs – they will be experts, in charge of their own lives.
  • Salford understands that the start we get in life makes a massive difference to our opportunities and life chances, so has been working with disabled children and young people, reducing bureaucratic decision making and working across children’s and adult health, social care and education to listen to and deliver on what young people and their families know is needed locally.

Across Greater Manchester we are committed to all people with a learning disability living as close to home as possible in communities where they feel valued and have a good life. However, people and families tell us we still do not always get it right, particularly for those who, when things don’t work, can end up in institutional settings.

Zoe Porter, Delivery Lead Person and Community Centred Approaches, Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership said:

“Through working with people and families as true partners, and through coming together across health and social care, adult and children’s services and more, we are making changes to the way we do things every day, so that what is ‘best practice’ now becomes just what happens every day, for everyone.”



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