Senior health and social care leaders came together in Stockport to sign a historic £16 million deal which will be used to fund health and social care transformation plans set out by Stockport Together.

The signing marks the official agreement between Stockport Together’s partner organisations and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership about what funding will be made available for the next two and half years.

Stockport, along with Salford and Tameside and Glossop, has been granted the financial support from the £450 million fund which was awarded to the Partnership to support its devolution plans.

Stockport Transformation Fund Signing Picture L-R – Nicky O’Connor (Chief Operating Officer – GMHSC Partnership) Michael McCourt (Chief Executive – Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust) Colin Wasson (Medical Director – Stockport NHS Foundation Trust) Ranjit Gill (Chief Clinical Officer – Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group) Alex Eaton Interim Chief Executive- Viaduct Healthcare) Wendy Wild (Deputy Leader Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council)

Stockport Together is a partnership between NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and Viaduct Health (GP federation). It aims to improve health and social care services across the borough by moving care closer to home.

Under the new plans, a person with a long-term condition and registered with a GP in Stockport, will have their care overseen by a multi-disciplinary team in the community. This will ensure a more rounded approach towards care that better meets their medical and social needs at one time and in one place. The links that are being made with the voluntary sector also help to ensure that they have access to support and care from their local community.

Helping people to adopt healthier lifestyles and prevent ill health is also a top priority. People in Stockport will have more opportunities to access support and advice to make healthy activities part of their daily lives.