In April 2016, we took charge of the £6 billion spent on health and social care services in the region. The devolution deal also gave us a £450million Transformation Fund (over five years) for us to use to change the way we do things in the longer term.

As a partnership, we have a clear vision for how we want to organise our health and care services to improve them and make them sustainable for the future, which we set out in our plan, ‘Taking Charge’, in December 2015.

We have chosen to mark this six month milestone with a report, which sets out where things are going well, where things are not going so well and where the next decisions lie. It sets out our collective achievements in the first six months, as well as the next steps in our devolution journey. It is frank and upfront about some of the challenges we continue to face at a time of severe funding constraint.

Over the next year, we will continue to focus on preventing ill health; creating new local, integrated NHS and care systems; helping hospitals work better together and sharing and collaborating more across all public services. Greater Manchester is working on place-based systems of care, to meet the challenges in the sector.

Taking Charge Together is about many people and organisations in Greater Manchester having their say.  We are committed to transparency and accountability and hope these reports reflect this commitment.

You can download our reports here:

‘Taking Charge – Our Six Month Progress Report’

‘Taking Charge – Six Months In’ (summary)