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Taking Charge Together

Taking charge together

On April 1 2016, Greater Manchester became the first city region in the country to take control of its combined health and social care budgets – a sum of more than £6 billion.

It means that – for the first time – local leaders and NHS clinicians are working together to tailor budgets and priorities to improve the health and wellbeing of 2.8 million residents.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is the body made up of the NHS organisations and councils in the city region that is overseeing the work.

Governed by the Health and Social Care Partnership Board, which meets in public frequently, the partnership comprises the local authority and NHS organisations in Greater Manchester, plus representatives from primary care, NHS England, the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector, HealthWatch, Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

The Partnership is working in consultation with local people to tackle some of the inequalities and poor health outcomes that blight the region.

For example, more than two thirds of early deaths in Greater Manchester are caused by things like smoking, alcohol dependency and poor diet, behaviours that could be changed. Nearly 25% of the population have a mental health or wellbeing issue that can affect everything from health to employment, parenting and housing. This has to change.

Here are the seven ways we want to improve everybody’s health in Greater Manchester:

  • More children will reach a good level of development cognitively, socially and emotionally.
  • Fewer babies will have a low birth weight, meaning better outcomes for the baby and less cost to the health system.
  • More family members will have jobs and family incomes will increase.
  • Fewer will die early from cardio-vascular disease (CVD)
  • Fewer will die early from cancer
  • Fewer will die early from respiratory disease
  • More people will be supported to stay well and live at home for as long as possible.

We have begun a new relationship between public services, citizens, communities and businesses to take a different approach to health and wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace.

You can find out about what we’ve achieved so far and our plans for the future in this film and our 5-year vision, or meet our team.