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Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is the body made up of the NHS organisations and councils in the city region, which is overseeing devolution and taking charge of the £6bn health and social care budget.

Governed by the Health and Social Care Partnership Board, which meets in public regularly, the Partnership comprises the local authority and NHS organisations in Greater Manchester, plus representatives from primary care, NHS England, the community and voluntary sectors, Healthwatch, Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership team is the group of people who came together on April 1 2016, from the former health and social care devolution team and the former NHS England Greater Manchester team. The purpose of the team is to ensure Greater Manchester delivers on its vision and strategic objectives.

Our vision

This is the reason we are here

  • To deliver the greatest and fastest possible improvement to the health and wellbeing of the 2.8m people of Greater Manchester

The outcomes we’re trying to achieve

We have seven population health outcomes – the benefits we want to secure for the people of GM as a result of realising our vision. They are:

  • More GM children will reach a good level of development cognitively, socially and emotionally.
  • Fewer GM babies will have a low birth weight resulting in better outcomes for the baby and less cost to the health system.
  • More GM families will be economically active and family incomes will increase.
  • Fewer will die early from cardio-vascular disease (CVD)
  • Fewer people will die early from cancer
  • Fewer people will die early from respiratory disease
  • More people will be supported to stay well and live at home for as long as possible.

Our strategic objectives

What we’re going to do to deliver the vision

  • To transform the health and social care  system to help more people stay well and take better care of those who are ill
  • To align our health and  social care system to wider public services such as education, skills, work and housing
  • To create a financially  balanced and  sustainable system
  • To make sure our services are clinically safe throughout

How this fits into the wider reform of public services in GM

The objectives of the Health and Social Care Partnership align with work to deliver wider reform across public services in Greater Manchester. As the diagram below shows, there is significant alignment in the priorities of both these areas of work.

Image 1

The Health and Social Care Partnership Team works closely with the Greater Manchester Public Service Reform Team in support of these priorities, supporting GM localities as they shape their reform plans.

The work of the GM Public Service Reform Team is focused on supporting local services to work together, focusing on people and place, with the aim of transforming the role of public services to take a more proactive approach rather than responding to crises. GM is transforming the way we use information, empowering our frontline workforce to make more informed decisions about how and when they work with individuals and families. Building on the principles of early intervention and prevention, GM aims to deliver the appropriate services at the right time, supporting people to become healthier, resilient and empowered.

Our Strategic Plan: Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester, was launched in December 2015. It sets out in more detail what is talked about in this introductory document. It is aligned to ten Locality Plans setting out ambitions in each of GM’s boroughs and created by the CCG, council and providers.

The figure below sets out how the Strategic Plan fits with the ten locality plans. It also summarises how the £450m Transformation Fund (the fund which will allow us to make the transformational changes needed in health and social care so we can deliver our objectives) will contribute to the mainstream improvement programme across GM, and our ambition to ultimately take charge of the £22bn public sector budget.

Wider reform work across GM is focused on delivering the ambition of the Greater Manchester Strategy, Stronger Together. This strategy highlights our ambition to continue creating the conditions for growth in the GM economy. It also sets our ambition to reform our public services, enabling us to support as many residents as possible to contribute to and benefit from the opportunities that growth brings. This strategy is fully aligned with the ambition of the Health and Social Care Strategic Plan.

And our outcomes will play a significant part in helping Greater Manchester achieve wider GM social and economic outcomes laid out in the Greater Manchester Strategy. These include:

  • Improving school readiness rates by 5 percentage points in 5 years
  • Reduction in the number of looked after children by 20% in 5 years
  • Improving skills across GM. Increasing the number of young people who leave school with 5 GCSEs (A* to C grades) by five percentage points in 5 years
  • An 8 percentage point uplift in employment outcomes for the long-term workless in GM over 5 years
  • Reduction in the incidence of re-offending among target cohorts by 40% over 5 years