In Greater Manchester we are in charge of the £6bn spent on health and social care in our ten boroughs.

Under an historic devolution deal with the government we have been able to make our own spending decisions since April 2016. The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership oversees the changes we agreed that we would make, so decisions are made on our doorstep.

How will devolution help us?

Thanks to devolution, we now have the freedom and flexibility to do things that benefit everyone in Greater Manchester.

Devolution means we can make decisions locally about how we take care of the 2.8 million people living in our ten boroughs. After all, local people know what Greater Manchester needs.

It also means making these decisions together as a city region, with our health and social care services working alongside our local authorities.

We’re already making big improvements to the health and social care services we need. We’re tackling serious conditions like cancer and heart disease. We’re also addressing wider problems that affect our health– like poverty, loneliness and poor lifestyles.

We’re part way through our big, five-year plan [PDF] and we are looking forward to the next five years [PDF].

We’ve already started to see some benefits [PDF], but we also know there is much more to do.

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Map of Greater Manchester boroughs
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How are we changing things?

We’re putting the right care and support in the right places, and at the right times, for everyone across our ten boroughs.

We’re joining up health and social care services in the wider community, investing in the right specialist care, and keeping people well by promoting a better lifestyle.

And it’s starting to pay off. From giving children a better start to spotting and treating dementia sooner, our changes are already making a difference.

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Who’s involved?

Devolution means the greatest, fastest improvement to the health, wealth and wellbeing of 2.8m people in Greater Manchester. But we can only do this by working together.

That means everyone across our ten boroughs – from the NHS, council, fire service and police to private companies and charities, as well as individual health and care staff, volunteers, family carers, patients and local people.

Meet the Partnership

Illustrated portraits of different types of people (a family, a doctor, and a care worker)
It’s better to have decisions made locally, because local people understand what local problems are and what Greater Manchester needs. We need to work together.
Lord Peter Smith, former chair of Greater Manchester Health and Care Board
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What devolution means for you

How is devolution bringing together our health and social care services? How is it affecting people working in the NHS and local community organisations? What’s happening at our GP practices? See our Q&A to find out what devolution means for all of us.

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The next step in our devolution journey

Greater Manchester is on a journey to tackling health inequalities in our communities. This journey began with devolution in 2016 and the start of our five year strategic plan, Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care.

We are now developing our plans for the next five years of our journey [PDF]. An important part of this work includes looking at what we do together as a system, and what is done at local and community level.

In April 2022, as part of planned new national legislation and our own evolution as a devolved system, we will set up a formal Integrated Care System [PDF].

We’re currently working together to design what the different elements of this look like as part of the Greater Manchester model – building on the strong partnership working that has taken place at both a city region and local ‘place’ level over the last five years.

It is our ambition to ensure that we continue on our devolution journey, with the health and wellbeing of our Greater Manchester population at its heart.

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