Our challenge:

To integrate services and encourage people of all ages to take charge of their own health and wellbeing – recognising that this can only be achieved with a focus on preventing ill health and promoting wellness.

How we tackled it:

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) piloted three community risk intervention teams (CRITS) in Manchester, Wigan and Salford. Their primary role was to provide advice on fire safety. While visiting people, they also assisted partner emergency services by offering advice on reducing falls in the home, while supporting those with mental health issues and taking measures to reduce crime.

What changed:

In the first six months of the CRIT pilot, the three teams added more than £13m of value to Greater Manchester at a cost of less than £800k. GMFRS already had a track record of preventing incidents, reducing demand for fire services by 40 per cent in the last ten years. It has carried out more than 364,000 home safety checks since 2009.

Manchester CRIT helped a woman who had become trapped in her bath. After making sure she was safe, they did a safety check on her home to prevent further accidents.

In Salford, the CRIT was called to help ambulance colleagues after a woman fell in her home. They used specialist lifting equipment to help her back into bed.

Devolution focus:

We are helping organisations to integrate and coordinate services to tackle the region’s major health challenges.