Our challenge:

To integrate services and encourage people of all ages to take charge of their own health and wellbeing

How we tackled it:

Young mums in the boroughs of Rochdale, Bury, Oldham and Trafford are receiving one-to-one support from specialist nurses to ensure they are confident and prepared for parenthood. The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) sees expectant mums matched with an experienced family nurse from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust who can give them, their partner and their immediate family advice from early pregnancy up to the child’s second birthday.

The nurses advise on everything from feeding and changing to looking after the mental health of new parents and helping ensure both parents bond with their baby in the weeks after birth.

HMR FNP photo 1One of the mums who is being supported by the scheme is 16-year-old Sarah Brown from Rochdale. Sarah and her partner Alexander Davenport, 18, welcomed baby Jacob into the world in November 2014 and both parents say the support they received from their family nurse Joanne Welch helped them to know what to expect.

Joanne advised Sarah when she experienced diabetes during pregnancy and supported her to go to college.

Joanne said: “Our aim with the Family Nurse Partnership is to help parents develop their confidence, emotional and social development and skills around their own and their baby’s care needs.

For more information about the Family Nurse Partnership visit www.fnp.nhs.uk

*What changed:

  • Stopped smoking in pregnancy or smoked fewer cigarettes
  • Initiated breast-feeding at a high rate
  • Coped better with pregnancy, labour and parenthood
  • Had increased confidence and aspirations for the future
  • Returned to education and took up paid employment
  • Felt positive about their parenting capacity and reported high levels of warm parenting.

* Results from overall scheme

Devolution focus:

We are helping organisations to integrate and coordinate services to tackle the region’s major health challenges One of the workstreams  is ‘Starting Well – Early years’ which recognises that the crucial period for child development is conception to three years old and a key part of the work will include the FNP.