When Linda lost her husband life felt pretty tough, but a social prescription helped her to get things back on track.

I was invited for a health check at my doctors and while I was there the nurse asked if I had any problems I wanted to discuss. I asked her if she had a couple of days to go through them all! We spent some time discussing in detail how the last 12 months of my life had unfolded. I’d lost my husband and was struggling financially.

The nurse referred me to the Be Well social prescribing service and I was invited to meet with Sophie, a link worker. She broke down all the issues I was having – what problems I had, where they stemmed from and how we could resolve them together. We put in place a plan and the first step was to find permanent employment. I’d applied for lots of jobs over the past 12 months but got nowhere. Sophie and I talked about my skills, she helped me update my CV and introduced me to job sites and Linkedin. Within three weeks I had four interviews lined up, and three weeks later had four permanent job offers.

I found my confidence again and am enjoying my full time permanent role. I have been able to secure a new mortgage, my finances are more secure and I feel like my old self again. Yes, I’ve been through a lot and things are different but they are a good different. I don’t feel like I need to give up at the age of 57. I’m still sad about the loss of my husband, I still have a mortgage but I can contribute to my children’s lives now and that was the most important thing to me.”



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