Greater Manchester Mass Testing Expert Group

The Greater Manchester Mass Testing Expert Group (MTEG) was set up in May 2020 to advise on best practice approaches to limiting the spread of COVID-19 within the city region, including health and care premises such as hospitals, GP practices and care homes.

MTEG is particularly concerned with plans for COVID-19 testing and tracing of those who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and need to isolate.

It includes the very best academic and clinical expertise from across Greater Manchester. Members include acknowledge experts in in the fields of epidemiology, public health, virology, infectious diseases and laboratory medicine as well as relevant clinicians and academics from primary care and hospital-based specialties.

The group provides expert advice to decision making groups in Greater Manchester with responsibility for:

  • Accelerating innovation in test-trace-isolate plans and strategies
  • Improving quality and safety in the delivery of testing
  • Ensuring links with other relevant COVID-19 health and care interventions, such as treatments or vaccination
  • Facilitating a harmonisation of testing initiatives across Greater Manchester

MTEG considers evidence from a range of sources with a local/regional perspective and provides advice on opportunities to offer innovative and fast-paced testing to different groups and sectors across Greater Manchester. Members carefully consider the benefits and challenges of any new testing initiative to support effective, timely uptake and minimise the impact of existing inequalities and barriers.

MTEG reports are available to download below.

Diagnostic, Screening and Surveillance Tests for SARS-CoV-2 [PDF]

Rapid Antigen Testing Principles [PDF]

MTEG Guidance on the Implications of the Vaccination Programme on Pandemic-Related Measures and COVID-19 Testing