On 1 April 2016 Greater Manchester took charge of its health and care system, determined to improve the health and wellbeing of its population faster and further than other parts of the country. We have now published our annual report on our first year in charge and our business plan for the year ahead.

Download our documents

You can read our annual report 2016/17 here and our business plan 2017/18 here.

Summary versions

Please find a summary of our annual report and business plan here.

What we did well on?

  • We ended up with £236.5m left over from the total NHS budget we were set for the year. Some of this goes back to the NHS nationally but we can spend the rest on our own services, including hospitals and infrastructure over the coming years.
  • We reduced emergency admissions to hospitals and also met core elective (planned) surgery and cancer targets.
  • We set standards to help patients with mental health needs who come to our hospitals with suicidal thoughts or who self-harm.
  • We introduced online learning so GPs and other community health staff are supported to refer patients they suspect have cancer to specialists.
  • We helped people at risk of type 2 diabetes change their lifestyle (like what they eat and how active they are) to stop them getting it

Our Transformation Fund
Our transformation journey is now well underway. We have given out £270m from our £450m Transformation Fund including £42m to increase the care people get through GPs, dentists, pharmacists and opticians.

We’re trying to do things differently to deal with the health challenges facing us all, and stop people in Greater Manchester dying younger than in other places.  We have already started our reform plans for:

  • Population health
  • Cancer
  • Mental health
  • Adult social care reform
  • Dementia
  • Primary care

Our plans for maternity, diabetes and end-of-life care will be published later this year.

Each of the ten areas in Greater Manchester is moving towards a single commissioning function and a Local Care Organisation, overseeing a network of primary-care led neighbourhood services.  This will help bring health and social care further together, and form the governance structures on budgets, resources and provision of services.

Hospital care

We’ve started work on plans to change the shape of hospital care for the better and make the most of what specialist skills and facilities we have in Greater Manchester. We are continuing to look at how we make our hospitals work well together through standardising services and increasing both efficiency and productivity.

We’ve started creating specialist sites so patients get seen quicker by the right experts. Under the Healthier Together programme, there’ll be four hospitals for emergency and planned high-risk operations.

We are confident that by next year we will have a plan for the whole of the acute system that comes in part from investment and changes in community services.


Throughout the year we have shown our commitment to collaboration and partnership, including agreements with the Royal College of GPs on general practice support; with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to recognise their role in designing and delivering health and social care services; and with the pharma industry as part of our commitment to innovation in the use of medicines.

What happens next?

During this first year we’ve made great progress and there’s been plenty of enthusiasm for working together in a way we’ve never done before to make real changes. We’ll build on that. And now Greater Manchester has its own elected mayor that opens up even more opportunities to tackle issues like homelessness and supporting unpaid carers.

Our second year will see new types of care service and new arrangements begin to operate properly and have an impact. We especially expect fewer people to have to visit or stay in hospital because they’ll get the right treatment closer to home.

And we’ll be taking on even more responsibilities, such as how we plan and deliver ambulance and NHS 111 services in Greater Manchester.