Stay at home

Please follow advice given to protect yourselves and others. This page contains useful links.

Coronavirus is a virus that affects your lungs and airways. It is understandable to feel worried about this and how it is affecting your life.

Together with Greater Manchester partners, we are working very hard to tackle the spread of the virus, manage its impact and support those responding to the outbreak and those affected.

As of Monday 23 March, everybody must stay at home, apart from essential travel, so that we can protect the NHS and save lives. The most up-to-date information from the Government can be found here.

Please follow the advice given to protect yourselves and those around you. Turn to trusted sources for your news and avoid sharing information on social media that hasn’t come from a trusted source.

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Advice from the NHS: how to stop infection spreading and looking after your wellbeing.

Looking after your mental health: top tips to look after your mental health while staying at home.

Support for older people: guidance to help older people cope with isolation.

Coronavirus and your community

Helping your community: sign up to help get local support to those who need it most.

Guidance for businesses: range of resources and guidance for businesses to ensure they feel supported and are prepared.

Transport in Greater Manchester: train, tram and bus services have been reduced to maintain links for key workers.



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