On Friday 30th November to coincide with Carers Rights Day, Greater Manchester has launched a Working Carer Toolkit for Employers.

3 in 5 people will become a carer at some point in their life time. Employers have an important role to play in supporting their workforce balance work with their caring responsibilities. Evidence shows it is good for business too; reducing sickness and turnover, and improving staff experience.

The toolkit has been developed by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership with the support of public sector organisations and for the benefit of all working carers in Greater Manchester.

Carers have been at the heart of the development of this toolkit, as over 400 local carers have shared their experience and shaped the toolkit.

A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

A ‘working carer’ is someone who does all of this, and is also in full or part time paid employment.

It is estimated that there are over 140,000 working carers in Greater Manchester alone.

Carers Rights Day is celebrated every year to bring organisations together to help carers in their local community know their rights and find out how to get the help and support they are entitled to.

Greater Manchester is encouraging all employers to support their working carers by using this toolkit.

The toolkit can be accessed here: www.gmhsc.org.uk/resources/.



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