With consistent pressure on urgent and emergency care services, this winter the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is launching a campaign that aims to change perception, and ultimately behaviour, towards a hospital stay.

Once people no longer need dedicated hospital care, being at home, or a facility such as a care home, is the best place to continue to recover. However, sometimes families, carers and patients perceive that hospital is still the right place to be.

There are strongly evidenced reasons for patients to swap their hospital bed for the familiar surroundings of home. However, it’s natural for patients, their families and carers to assume that hospital is the best place for recovery.

The Home Truths campaign will aim to educate and expand on the proven benefits of recovering at home and looks to instil trust and understanding that a hospital bed isn’t necessarily the best place to be.

The campaign has been developed to include messages for staff, patients, and families/carers to help with what can sometimes be difficult conversations. Home Truths posters, leaflets and other materials will be appearing in hospitals over the coming weeks.



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