Our chief officer, Sarah Price, has offered her support to all health and care staff across Greater Manchester that have friends and family in India:

Our chief officer Sarah Price“The situation unfolding in India is extremely distressing, and we are acutely aware that many colleagues across our health and care system who may have suffered from losing loved ones, friends and colleagues in the UK, are now experiencing and possibly reliving distress through these global events. We extend our heartfelt support, condolences and sympathy to colleagues who have loved ones in India and may have lost members of their family to this dreadful virus over recent days.

“As a health and care system we value the rich diversity of our workforce and are incredibly grateful for the continued dedicated contribution of Indian colleagues and those of Indian heritage to our Covid response.

“Right now it is our priority to support our colleagues and make sure they have access to the support they need, including looking after their own wellbeing during this upsetting time and making sure they have the time to do so.

“We will continue to support the initial NHS England and NHS Improvement offer of support, which includes providing expertise on surge hospitals and staffing, advice on clinical pathways, reviewing aid inventory to ensure equipment supplied is most useful and also sharing expertise based on our NHS experience.”

Sarah Price, interim chief officer of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership



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