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In Greater Manchester, our aim is always to ensure we care for and treat our patients – and their families – with the utmost compassion as well as offering the highest quality of care.

Agreeing advance care plans is a routine and important part of how GPs and care homes support their patients and residents to ensure people’s preferences are taken in to account at all times. This is particularly true at the end of someone’s life, when they may prefer to stay in familiar surroundings rather than go to hospital. So decisions on the clinical needs of elderly residents, and whether hospital care is required, is based on advice from our doctors and clinicians and is decided in consultation with patients and their families. There is no blanket policy to deny hospital admission to care and nursing home residents.

The reality is that under normal circumstances our clinicians face tough decisions on a daily basis. Whilst we are dealing with Covid-19 these decisions will be dealt with in line with national guidance in the usual way, with the main considerations being patient choice and clinical need and in the best interests of patients.

People with suspected Covid19 are being managed in accordance with national guidance irrespective of where they live in Greater Manchester. We are working very closely with all providers of local care homes to support them in providing the right care to all their residents. We are also working with councils across Greater Manchester to access appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensuring distribution is reaching all parts of the local health and care system.



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