Wigan has been awarded over £14M from the Greater Manchester Transformation Fund, a pot of money that is helping localities across Greater Manchester to transform health and social care.

Wigan’s  plan addresses four key areas that align with the overall Greater Manchester strategy and in the coming years will:

  • Fundamentally redesign the relationship with residents and patients and reduce demand on services through supporting people to be well, independent and take control of their lives.
  • Improving population health on a large scale and tackle the causes of poor health to reduce demand on services.
  • Reducing the costs of care by providing new services out of the hospital that invest in preventing poor health and offers early interventions when people do have poor health.
  • Making acute care the same across the borough.

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When the application was assessed it was found that Wigan’s vision for transforming the health and social wellbeing of its population was compelling and comprehensive with the right tools to deliver the plan which has clear milestones, outcomes and impact assessments. They also provided evidence of excellent governance arrangements where all involved organisations are working well together and a coherent financial plan with cost benefit analysis.