Colder weather tends to bring all kinds of winter bugs with it and many of us will get a cough, cold or even flu at some point.

Pharmacies are the best place to head for advice and treatment for common winter bugs – and with hundreds of community pharmacies across Greater Manchester, there’s always one nearby.

Best of all, you don’t need an appointment and many pharmacies are open in the evening and at weekends too.

Your local pharmacy can help you and your family stay well this winter.

Firstly, you can now protect yourself from flu by getting vaccinated at almost 500 Greater Manchester pharmacies.  This is free for adults eligible for NHS vaccinations – so, if you’re 65 or over, pregnant, are over-weight (with a BMI above 40), work as a carer, or have a long-term health condition like diabetes, asthma or a progressive lung disease.

The vaccination is the same one that GPs provide and pharmacies work very closely with GPs, so we will let your surgery know if you have had your flu vaccination from us.

If you’re not eligible for a free NHS jab, many pharmacies also offer private flu vaccinations.

Secondly, if you use an inhaler to treat your asthma or lung problem, then you’re likely to be entitled to a free inhaler technique check at any pharmacy that offers the service.

Inhalers can be tricky to use, so even if you think you’re using it correctly, it’s well worth having a technique check to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit.

Many pharmacists are specially trained in inhaler technique and their advice could help you get more from your inhaler, reducing the risk of your asthma or lung condition flaring up over the colder months.

Pharmacists are highly-trained healthcare professionals and our counter-staff are experts in minor illnesses.

So when it comes to coughs, colds, earaches, back pain, sore throats and many other minor aliments pharmacies should be your first port of call.

We can help you treat your issues by offering advice and, where appropriate, over-the-counter medications. We can also spot when something might be more serious and can tell you straight away if you need to see a doctor.

Remember, you don’t need to make an appointment to get advice or care from a pharmacy – just pop in any time during their opening hours.

You’re never far away from expert care that can help you and your family stay well this winter.

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