Welcome to the latest edition of the GM Health and Social Care Partnership e-bulletin.

A lot has happened since the last edition in mid-March. On Friday 1 April we formally took over responsibilities for the £6billion budgets for Health and Social Care in GM. (More below)

As part of this process NHS England formally approved the delegation of responsibilities to GM, which includes a number of staff being formally assigned to the GM region.

We also announced a new Chief Officer with responsibility for the GMHSC Partnership. This is Jon Rouse, currently Director General at the Department of Health. (more below)

You will also see that we are now calling ourselves Partnership instead of Devolution and this is to signify the change from April 1st. Devolution powers have now been given to GM and we are working in partnership to ensure that we take charge of these responsibilities for the benefit of the people in GM.

The Strategic Partnership Board, which has been operating in shadow format since October 2015 and made up of representatives from all 37 partner organisations, will now take over formal decision making responsibilities. It will be supported by a number of other key bodies including the Joint Commissioning Board (membership includes Council Chief executives and CCG Chief Officers), The Provider Federation Board  (Senior Leaders from Foundation and NHS Trusts) and the GM Reform Board (drawn from senior leadership of public service partners across GM).

We hope you enjoy reading this e-bulletin and if you have any comments or questions please contact us via the email at the end of this document.

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THE GMHSC Partnership Team

A ‘new era’ for Greater Manchester’s health and wellbeing

A ‘new era for Greater Manchester’ began on 1 April 2016, as the region became the first in the country to take control of its combined health and social care budgets – a sum of more than £6 billion.

Leaders here will now have increased freedoms and flexibilities to tailor our budget and priorities to our own region’s needs. It will allow health officials to respond to what local people want; using their experience and expertise to help change the way we spend the money.

A top priority will be to tackle some of the worst health outcomes in the country.

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GM Health and Social Care Partnership appoints Jon Rouse as Chief Officer

jonrouse300x300Jon Rouse has been appointed as Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

Working closely with senior health, social care and council leaders from across the region, Jon Rouse will oversee a new era for Greater Manchester, as it takes charge of the £6billion health and social care budget.

Jon Rouse, a graduate of the University of Manchester, brings a wealth of experience to the role, having worked extensively in both national health and local government positions.

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Health and care bodies reveal the map that will transform healthcare in England

National health and care bodies in England have published details of the 44 ‘footprint’ areas that will bring local health and care leaders, organisations and communities together to develop local blueprints for improved health, care and finances over the next five years, delivering the NHS Five Year Forward View.

The blueprints are known as STPs (Sustainability and Transformation Plans) and Greater Manchester’s recently launched Health and Social Care Strategic Plan will be the strategic document used for GM.

Sir Howard Bernstein is the GM STP lead and will represent the GM partnership in national discussions.

For more info go to: https://www.england.nhs.uk/2016/03/footprint-areas/

Commissioning for Reform

summary front page
GM has published its draft Commissioning Strategy.

‘Commissioning for reform’, The Greater Manchester Commissioning Strategy, outlines the ambitious five-year vision and high level implementation plan to deliver improvement and reform of health and social care services across GM.

The strategy outlines the intention to develop joined up commissioning for priority areas such as Adult Social Services, Children’s Services, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and improving the health of people living in Greater Manchester.

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What else is happening?

The ten localities are continuing to develop their implementation plans and have recently completed a self-assessment to test a state of readiness for involvement in the Transformation Fund process.

Work has continued to deliver the operating model for the £450M Transformation Fund which will include development of fund criteria, engagement with stakeholders and ongoing work to agree the operating principles of the fund.

The Strategic Partnership Board has endorsed the continuing work on developing the Transformation Fund criteria to ensure the fund is ‘open for business’.

The first GM Workforce engagement forum has taken place. Chaired by Michael McCourt (Chief Executive Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust) and involving local Union representatives, the meeting agreed to develop key messages as part of promoting effective communications as well as recognising the need for a staff engagement strategy.

Taking Charge Together

More than 6,000 people across Greater Manchester have taken part in a health snapshot survey to help shape health and social care plans for the next five years.

The Taking Charge campaign asked the region’s 2.8 million residents and 100,000 public sector employees to share their struggles and successes in making healthy lifestyle choices.

The reach of the campaign has been significant and exceeded targets, as has the active engagement from the people of Greater Manchester.  This includes a reach of almost 2.5 million people on social media, 6,500 face to face contacts via community roadshows and focus groups run by the voluntary sector and Healthwatch, including seldom heard people and 150 meetings and events led by CCGs and local authorities.

Also over 4,000 people joined an online (crowdsourcing) workshop crowdsourcing including 320 who identified themselves as working for the GM public services. Over 6,400 ideas, comments and votes have been submitted.

From the snapshot, 91 per cent of people want to improve their health, 55% be more physically active, 46% eat more healthily, 39% get more sleep and 39% stress less.

Further evaluation of the different elements of the campaign will take place during April, with full analysis of the online workshop by early summer.

Greater Manchester Devolution – tell us what you think and be in for a chance of winning £100 shopping vouchers

gm zipper landscape

Greater Manchester Devolution – tell us what you think and be in for a chance of winning £100 shopping vouchers

Organisations in Greater Manchester responsible for health and social care have developed two quick surveys, one for people living in Greater Manchester and one for staff working in the public sector, not for profit, community or voluntary organisations.

We want to understand current awareness of Greater Manchester taking charge of money spent on health and social care as part of devolution in Greater Manchester, and how we can more effectively involve local people.

Feedback will be used to help inform work moving forward. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and you will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 love2shop vouchers, which can be used across a number of popular retailers. The closing deadline for the survey is Wednesday, 4 May 2016.

Click here for the public survey and click here for the staff survey

Regular blogs

Senior politicians and managers involved in the GM Health and Social Care Partnership write regular blogs to give their own insight into what is happening on what this means for GM.

For example Strategic Partnership Board Chair Lord Peter Smith contributed a piece to a University of Manchester discussion on Devolution.

Strategic Partnership Board

The next Strategic Partnership Board takes place at Greater Manchester Police HQ in Central Park on Friday 29 April.

This can be viewed via livestreaming at https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/allmeetings