It's good to know the facts...

The vaccines in use in the UK are fully-tested, approved and safe (including types suitable for pregnant women). You'll be offered the best vaccine for your age.
Whatever your sex, the vaccine doesn't make you infertile, or change your DNA. The vaccine definitely doesn't contain a microchip that tracks you!
For the vast majority of people of all ages the side-effects from the vaccine are mild, over quickly and nowhere near as bad as getting full-blown Covid-19.
A first vaccine gives you good protection - and helps protect the people around you especially with new and more infectious variants of coronavirus circulating. Your second jab will boost that protection further and make it long-lasting.
It's easy and convenient to get your vaccine. It takes a few minutes and there are vaccine centres all over Greater Manchester. Many are open outside normal working hours and at weekends.

PLEASE take the vaccine when offered. Every person who gets a vaccine brings us closer to getting back to people we love and the things we love doing.

When you've had yours, please let friends know and encourage them to do the same.

Let's protect ourselves, Let's protect each other.